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Since its inception, JCB has strived to be much more than a credit card company. Our range of services grows each year to provide our customers worldwide with the safest and easiest payment system possible.

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J/Secure™ - The E-Commerce Solution -

As the online shopping market experiences rapid growth, so does the need for security.JCB is working hard to provide cardmembers with more security when using JCB cards for online shopping.

JCB’s Payer Authentication Service: J/Secure

Secure Online Shopping with J/Secure

As an international credit card brand, JCB developed the infrastructure for its new payer authentication service J/Secure, which was fully launched in April 2004.

Compared to the currently prevailing method of payer authentication for online shopping in which the credit card number and expiration date are input, J/Secure excels in security. Due to the additional requirement of the cardmember's password entry, J/Secure can identify the user as the cardmember. To use J/Secure, cardmembers do not need to install any special software on their computers; the only requirement is to register their information as designated by their card issuers.

How J/Secure Works

  1. At a J/Secure compliant merchant’s website, the JCB cardmember enters his/her card number and expiration date in the area for payment information. Next, the MPI* on the merchant’s server delivers the information to the corresponding JCB card issuer to verify the cardmember’s registration status with the J/Secure program.
  2. If the cardmember is enrolled in J/Secure, a password entry screen appears on the user’s PC.
  3. The JCB cardmember enters his/her password registered with the card issuer.
  4. The card issuer identifies and compares the entered and registered passwords. The result is then delivered to the merchant.
  5. The merchant’s system receives the result and if the passwords match, the merchant proceeds with the authorization and sales transactions following the designated procedure.

*MPI (Merchant Server Plug-in) : MPI is a plug-in software that must be installed on the merchant’s system in order to offer the J/Secure authentication service.

How to shop with J/Secure

You can check shopping image demo from the link below.

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