Message from the CEO

Photo of CEO
(From left) Kimihisa Imada, Senior Executive Officer, JCB Co., Ltd., Deputy President, JCB International Co., Ltd.,
Takao Kawanishi, Chairman, JCB Co., Ltd., Chairman & CEO, JCB International Co., Ltd.,
Ichiro Hamakawa, President & CEO, JCB Co., Ltd., Vice Chairman, JCB International Co., Ltd.,
Koremitsu Sannomiya, Board Member, Senior Executive Officer, JCB Co., Ltd., President & COO, JCB International Co., Ltd.

The payment industry is evolving faster than ever with diversifying consumer needs and advances in technology. New technologies are accelerating the development of new payments solutions which would not have been possible 10 years ago. In addition, the payments industry is fulfilling an increasingly important role in economic development by driving a shift in payments from cash to cashless, and making payment solutions accessible to as many people as possible to advance financial inclusion.

Ever since JCB was established in 1961 as a pioneering payment system to the Japanese consumer, we have been meeting the emerging needs and expectations of our customers with convenient and attractive products and services. In 1981, JCB became the first Asian payment brand to go global. Since then, it has grown and diversified to become a leading name in the global payment industry.

Starting in 2014, JCB’s Value Up 2016 mid-term plan declared our corporate strategy to demonstrate presence as Asia’s leading payment service company. We are committed to working toward our Asia market business together with all our customers, partners and stakeholders.

We seek to open new doors with innovative technology and leverage opportunities in order to provide the kinds of products and services we all want to see.